EduCare Summer Programs

Why the summer with EduCare?

We have designed our programs in a way where your kids’ confidence, learning strategies and creativity will be enriched. We are now registering for our Summer Enrichment Program! We offer a variety of programs for your kids to help them succeed and avoid Summer learning loss. Call us for more information at (313) 566 3733. Spots fill up very fast so reserve yours now!

Programs Provided

Reading Comprehension & Writing Advancement

This program is designed to ensure that your kids will retain their grade level and become next level ready. Students will be taught various Reading & Writing strategies and techniques. Our program has already helped many students and it will surely help your kids too.

Math Advancement Program

Math seems to be a common frustration for the majority of students. Our tutors will work with students to simplify Math concepts and understand it in a fun way. Technology may be used to test students, simplify concepts or provide practices.

SAT Summer Camp

This program will give you the adequate preparation for the most important test in your high school, the SAT. Our program gives you a sophisticated overview of the test, extensive practices, numerous strategies to success, tips to overcome test anxiety and a full practice test. (Check SAT Page for more details)

Arts & Crafts

Our program covers drawing and painting as well as collage and assemblage techniques. Aside from the fun part, our program will encourage creativity, self-confidence and coordination. Kids will be creating fun and learning items that will surely keep a lasting memory for them.

Outdoor Activities

Students will be taking walks to Ford Field park to play games, do various water activities, learn new things about nature and plants in addition to other fun and challenging team building activities.


Students will have a hands on experience baking different dishes and recipes. Our safe-serve instructor will help students make their own deserts and food recipes. Bake, decorate & eat!

Explore Science

Students will be able to learn many fun facts about human body, nature and animals. We will be exploring multiple science concepts in a very interactive and learning way. Do you want to see a volcano erupting? Or how a tornado/wave form? Then you should join our program.


Students often struggle with standardized tests which measure the students’ readiness for the next grade level. Our program will cover all areas of the test with a focus on teaching students strategies to overcome any type of questions. Time management tips will be given in addition to multiple practices.

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