Private Tutoring

omar and samiPrivate (2:1 ratio) tutoring has many advantages over group tutoring. Private tutoring is more focused and adaptable than group tutoring. With group tutoring, tutors focus on more general concepts. They often have to teach material some of the students already understand. With private tutoring, the tutor can develop a study plan to strengthen the students’ weaknesses. If the student is having trouble understanding a concept, the tutor can spend more time explaining the concept in a way that the student can understand. The tutor also helps to build an organization for studying that best suits the student own preferences for learning. Students can also get help with more than one subject with private tutoring. Private tutoring keeps students focused and engaged in the lesson, allowing the students to use their time more efficiently. Our program provides flexible hours. The parent/student have the opportunity to choose their hours that best suit them to their needs and to the location that gives them the best of luxury.

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