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School is Near? Tips to Clear the Fear!


It is that time of the year again where parents, students, teachers, and school administrators prepare for going back to school. Feelings are mixed up between excitement, determination and some anxiety! Many factors will impact this experience remarkably. As a result, here are some tips that will help you adjust back to school mode and have a good start.

  • Adjust your sleep/wake schedule

During the summer, parents tend to allow their kids to sleep late and wake up at any time. As school approaches, it’s very important for your kids to go back to a routine schedule of sleep/wake. Your kids’ ability to comprehend and function will be greatly affected by a poor sleeping schedule.

  • Prepare all the needed tools and supplies

Get your kids’ school supply list and dedicate a trip to shop for it. Make sure you bring your kids with you and allow them to pick one or two items that they really want. That will surely make them involved in the process and excited about going back to school. Having the right tools will make your kids feel well prepared and ready for school.

  • Get familiar with what’s expected

As a parent (high school or college students too), you should make yourself familiar with what’s expected from your kid(s) during the upcoming school year. You can look up information about the expectation for each grade level on your school’s district website or email the teacher to request information. For high school and college students, take a look at your class’s syllabus. Knowledge is a great tool to be proactive.

  • Be a role model

Kids look up to their parents and that’s why the way you react about going back to school will impact your kids. As a result, it’s highly recommended for parents to be excited about school. In addition, you should start talking to your kids about how exciting it is to go back to school and all the fun that comes with it. Why not become a cheerleader for your kids?! Also, you can start a fun tradition that you only do with your kids when school is near start.

  • Set up a study area

Dedicate an area in your home for studying. Ask your kids to help you set up the space and organize it. You should take away any distractions from this area such as TVs, game consoles, phones, etc.

  • Plan after school activities

Whether it’s sports or arts, it’s important to keep your kids active and engaged. Remember, your goal is to minimize the anxiety and stress that comes with school sometimes. In addition, consider hiring a tutor to help your kids navigate through their academic work.

  • Be involved

Many parents tend to get distracted by work and forget about the importance of being involved in their kids’ education. Make it a priority for yourself to become actively involved. You don’t have to become the president of the parent teacher association or even a board member too. A few things you can do are meeting your kids’ teachers, meeting the school principal, asking about your kids’ performance, and TALKING to your kids about what goes on in school.

  • One book a week

Introduce a new challenge to your kids: have them read one book per week. Reading will boost your kids’ creativity, imagination, communication skills, understanding, and comprehension. It refreshes and enrich their brain with new ideas, experiences, and terminologies.

Other tips that may help you prepare for school are setting goals, using a calendar, recording everything on an agenda, and use educational/organizational mobile apps to name a few. Now, it’s your turn! Tell us how you prepare yourself and your kids to school. Our email is and on social media @educaremi1