10 Ways to Improve your Academic Performance

At times of failure, it is important to take responsibility and commit to a plan to change. Whether your grades dropped, you’re failing a class, or simply you are not achieving your target, it is never too late or too early to apply certain changes to your studying habits. In this article, we will explore 10 ways to improve your academic performance. It is good to mention that some ideas may work for one student but may not work for another; however these ideas have helped many students from different backgrounds and age group.

  1. Pay more attention in class

Avoid the daydreaming and focus on what’s happening in the class. Many teachers give hints on the topics that they want to include in their quizzes and exams. Also, you will be able to understand the concept being taught instead of going home and struggling to understand the given material.

  1. Ask questions

This point goes along with the idea of being focused in class as you will be able to identify things that you didn’t understand in class. In this way, you have the ability of directing a question to your teacher requesting a further and clearer explanation. It’s good to point out that it doesn’t make you less smart (or stupid) if you ask questions.

  1. Take notes

Many students fail their homework, quizzes, or exams because the lack of note-taking skills. These notes will be your source of information for everything you have to do for any class. As a result, make sure your notes are readable, useful, and organized.

  1. Do revisions and practices

One of the main reasons for lower grades is the lack of practice and revision. It is important to review your notes and read your books. Also, practice exams are a great idea to start with so you can identify your weaknesses and work on them. In addition, give yourself enough time to revise so you don’t get stressed over the lack of time.

  1. Stop procrastinating

Many students write their essay the night before the due date, study for their exams the day of the exam, and try to finish their homework before class starts. If you are doing that, you need to stop now! In order to avoid having a big workload, you need to do your work on a daily basis. Do not wait for the night before or the day of to start doing your school work.

  1. Start organizing

Probably the best way to improve your life in general and your academic life in particular is to get organized. Make a folder/binder for each subject and put all papers that are related to that subject in it. It’s important to keep your backpack clean so make one day a week where you go over your folders and discard the papers you don’t need. Also, start making use of your planner as to homework deadlines, exams dates, and other important things.

  1. Have a positive attitude towards learning

Surely lower than expected grades will bring a negative and disappointed feeling. You may feel depressed or down however it is important to defeat this feeling with positivity. For any challenge you face, it is helpful to approach it in a positive attitude because this is the only way you will be able to bring a change to the situation. You have to always tell yourself that “I can do it”, “I will do”, “I will not give up”, “I’m not a failure”.

  1. Make learning fun

Parents usually confuse fun with failure however they miss an important point – the enjoyment of learning. Your attitude towards education and learning will be different if you find ways to enjoy your learning experience. For instance, if you like sports, implement it in your studying schedule. Also, give yourself (or your kids if you are a parent) incentives for achieving things. It is important to be motivated about something in order to succeed in it.

  1. Take short breaks

Studying may become an overload and at times impossible to comprehend. As a result, make sure you make your study sessions about 45 minutes each. After each study session, take a short break (about 5-10 mins) and do something different such as a  short walk, watch a motivational clip, or a small workout.

  1. Hire a private tutor

It is no shame to ask someone for help. It could be your older sibling, your mom, or your cousin. However, kids tend to feel shy or uncomfortable around their siblings or cousins. As a result, you should hire a tutor that could help you understand the material, teach you new study skills, and work with you to improve your grades. Many students have a fear/embarrassment to ask their peers or relatives for help so a private tutor may be the solution for that.

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