ACT Tutoring Program

Visually it will improve a child’s way of looking at test questions. Taking an exam prior to the ACT exam will benefit learner and works well than “just studying”. Having a teacher in the front of the class gives students something visual to focus on, in order to better help them understand important concepts that will be on their tests. Auditory learners need to hear the material they need to know. Engaging with a teacher and other students in an audible environment can help them immensely. Through discussion, they’re able to speak aloud what they’re learning and hear others interpret it, creating their optimal learning environment. Our ACT program has improved each student. Having higher scores in your ACT will provide students with better opportunity for scholarships and acceptance to colleges. Feeling well-prepared for the test is an integral part of achieving the best results. Taking a test prep class that we provide for the students can instill the necessary confidence that can alleviate the stress associated with the exam. Register now for one of our upcoming ACT courses to help your son or daughter reduce test anxiety and to achieve the best possible scores.

  • This section to be filled by parents or legal guardian ONLY!

  • This section to be filled by parents or legal guardian ONLY! This section to be filled by parents or legal guardian ONLY! I, the undersigned parent/guardian of the student mentioned above do hereby enroll my Student at Educare Student Services, LLC (“Educare”). I acknowledge that I have read and understood Educare Student Services Center Policies and Procedures (“Agreement”). Furthermore, I agree to follow all of the policies and procedures in the Agreement. I acknowledge that enrollment in Educare may expose Student to a variety of risks, including but not limited to, the possibility of injury. I grant Educare’s Staff authority to obtain emergency medical treatment for Student when deemed necessary. I agree to accept full responsibility for all payment and charges associated with the rendered emergency medical services. I acknowledge that many pictures and/or videos will be taken throughout Student’s enrollment in Educare which will be used for marketing and promotional purposes. I consent to have Student in the photographs and/or videos. Student’s name/identification may be published. Finally, I hereby agree to release Educare and its staff (collectively, the “Indemnities”) and to indemnify and hold the indemnities harmless from all actions, claims, liability, and expenses, whether known or unknown, present or future relating to or arising from or connected in any manner with Student’s enrollment and participation with Educare.
  • *ACT is a registered trademark of ACT, Inc., which is not affiliated with Educare Student Services. Higher score guarantee policy: if for any reason, you don’t score higher on your official ACT test than your initial ACT test score (before you started with Educare), you can take the class with us again for no additional charge (Student must have a perfect attendance to the class). No monetary refund will be issued. 

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